In Time4ties we have Earth conscience, that's mean all the materials used at Time4ties, from fabrics to packaging are all products that are Eco-Friendly or recycled.

The fabrics I use to make the products are made of natural fiber such as cotton, silk, hemp, Tencel (made from Eucalyptus tree) and recycled and reusable fabrics, all with Eco Credentials.

The materials and fabrics I used at Time4ties have Eco Credentials which means that both the production of the fiber and the processing of this fiber into textiles has been checked at every step of the processing supply chain that both the production of the fiber as well as its treatment in the fabrics has been checked at every step of the processing supply chain and has complied with organic standards, and safe labour practices, including outlawing child labour.

The benefits of organic fabric are numerous, but the main one is that it's hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. This means it’s the best choice of material for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, or those who have sensitive skin which is prone to irritation. The fabric also breathes better, which in turn helps absorb and remove heat and moisture, keeping your body cool, dry and healthy. Apart from having benefits for our body these organic fabrics are respectful to the environment and socially responsible.

In Time4ties we want to contribute our bit in helping Friends of the Earth Trust, as their values and their mission to make a better world are the same as we want in Time4ties. For this reason, for every purchase you make in Time4ties £1 will go to Friends of the Earth Trust. Here I leave the website in case you want to know more about them,

With the help of all we can make a better world for us and for the future of our children.

Choose ECO products :)