My Story

My name is Gemma and I´m the founder and designer of Time4ties. 

Since childhood I have always been curious about the world of art and fashion design, and at home I always saw my grandmother and my mother making clothes, and customs.

I’ve always wanted to create something special, and everything related to the ecological world really inspires me.

Therefore I created Time4ties  that specialises in the manufacture of limited editions of ties, bow ties and pocket squares. All the products are handmade taking care of every detail, also to make my products I only use Ecofriendly fabrics and threads, because I respect the environment and the people.

For me this is a new beginning, I love my work and I take pride in my craft products since I put all my creativity, love and care in each product.

I hope you like my products and that you would like to contribute to the use of ecological fabrics.